Why do utilities like our Recycle DB System

Why do utilities need our Recycle DB System to run the Recycling process well

Our Utilities need our service and the DB System  to be the best ever,  for them to really like it and to be pleased with system. All of the tasks for the Operators, Drivers, Managers, and other positions, are recorded and tracked in the DB System, which tracks all of the main Tasks during each day.   The tracking of data is how we get our Dashboard system to show the Utilities all of the data that they need to know about the Customers, Orders, and Units recycled.  We have been told by Utility company employees that they love our Dashboard, because they know what the status is for everything in the Recycling process.

Why do Utility companies really like our Recycling service

The Utility companies staff likes our system because it is complete in tracking the whole system,  and it tracks all of the main tasks in the daily work by Operators, Drivers, and Managers.  They like the reports we have for orders, units, Wait List customers, cancelations, and complaints.  The Utility company employees they really like our Dashboard, because they know what the status is for everything in the Recycling process.

Why do Utility Electric Customers love our Recycling service

The electric customers like what Appliance Recycling USA does to meet their needs.
1—We have setup the easy to use, Web order system for the customer to go online to place their order for getting their refrigerator or freezer picked up from their home, to then be recycled.   2—We have setup the operators WCC site, to take orders and ask them customers for this information, to fill out on the WCC site, then to save the order, then send out enrollment emails to the customer.
3—After the order has been enrolled, and processed, then when the pickup date is close,  we send an email 2 days before the pickup date to the customers to remind them of the pickup.4—On the pickup day, then 30 minutes before the driver gets to their house, the drivers DriverAPP phone, will automatically send a TEXT to the customers phone letting the customer know that  the driver is almost there.