Appliance Recycling USA Mission Statement

Our goal is to become the best recycling company in the USA as we already own and operate the best recycle application system. Our understanding and knowledge of the recycling programs, deconstruction process, and how our proprietary recycle database system runs and tracks all components in the process, gives us the ability to master the recycling process. With our expertise and the tools available, we can serve the electric utility energy efficiency programs and recycling program clients better than anyone else.

Our Story

Appliance Recycling USA was born out of a need to provide the best service to customer participating in the Appliance Recycling Programs serving their community. Appliance Recycling Programs have been running in the US for the past 30 years and while some recycling service providers have come and gone, the need for freon containing appliances is more in demand as ever. Mike and Joyce Treat formed ITsoft in 2003 to provide database and development work for Appliance Recycling providers and have revolutionized the platforms used today for data tracking and storage, scheduling, and unit collection database systems. With a recent vacuum in the recycling service industry, ITsoft made the transition from IT provider to Appliance Recycler with IT provider support.

Appliance Recycling USA works hand in hand with utility, retailer, and community energy efficiency and waste reduction programs to properly dispose of units containing hazardous waste. Refrigerators and freezers contain ozone depleting gases contained in the foam insulation as well as freon and oils. When improperly disposed, these hazardous materials are released into the ground water and steams as well as the atmosphere further degrading the ozone layer. For these reasons, it is so important that appliances containing freon are properly disposed of and taken off the market. As an energy efficiency measure, inefficient refrigerators consume massive amounts of electricity over their lifetime. By removing these appliances from the household, consumers can expect to save $100-200 a year on energy costs.

At Appliance Recycling USA, we believe doing the right thing with these appliances benefits not only your local community but the US overall and it is our responsibility to provide these services which are sorely needed. By providing these programs, Appliance Recycling USA facilitates an easier option for consumers to participate in and provide an avenue for them to choose to do the right option to correctly dispose of these units.

Meet the Appliance Recycling USA Team

Joyce Treat            CEO, Owner    Oversees Utility client service operations, overall accounting, AP bill payments, and AR client collections.
Joyce graduated from Oklahoma Christian College.  Joyce has owned several companies over the past 25 years.  Joyce has owned and operated Direct Marketing companies, Sales and distribution companies as well as being a Real Estate Agent for over several years. Joyce is a powerful force in the workplace and uses her positive attitude to encourage others in the company to succeed.  Joyce enjoys working alongside her husband Mike.

Mike Treat                 CEO    Oversees service tasks for the utilities and oversees DB System that is used by our staff and used by the Utility staff.
Mike Treat is the CEO of Appliance Recycling, and he also is Lead Architect of ITsoft (division of AR-USA).  He is a multi-skilled systems architect with comprehensive experience architecting and managing projects and infrastructure for software applications. Mike has been working in the recycling industry for over 17 years and has become adept as supporting utility clients and vendors working on the recycling program process. He has a proven ability to lead project teams to successfully deliver agreed-upon solutions, often in complex and challenging customer environments. He has been active in developing custom software solutions for appliance recycling programs since late 2003. Under his guidance, his team built for recycling companies, both a call center application for CSRs and a web-based customer order site, and dashboard system for utility program managers. His expertise includes systems development in Microsoft technologies, database-driven Web applications, Android Tablet applications, and Smart Phone applications.

Doug Armstrong          CFO     Runs the Accounting system, and handles all AP bill payments, and AR client collections. Also handles all Marketing.
Doug graduated from Southern Oregon College.  Doug started his career with Merrill Lynch in 1987 and since 1991 he owned Armstrong Wealth management for over 20 years. Doug helps corporations with their financing, succession, and estate planning needs. Doug has over 30 years’ experience in advising and consulting clients with their corporate or individual financial needs.

Brittany Hightower-Pfeil Sr. Program Manager     Procures and manages individual projects and energy efficiency programs. Oversees customer service team, reporting, and incentive processing.
Mrs. Hightower-Pfeil joined Appliance Recycling USA in early 2021 and was instrumental in developing the program design and management approach. Previously she worked at Recleim from 2016-2021 and JACO Environmental from 2007 through late 2015. She was manager of Recleim’s operations concerning customer service, data, reporting, and invoicing before being promoted to program manager in October of 2018. Prior to that, she managed JACO’s call center during 2010-2014, and then managed Retail ARP implementations and operations nationwide during 2014-2015.