Why is ARU such a high-quality Recycling company

Appliance Recycling USA mission statement

Our goal is to become the best Recycling company in the USA, we think we already are the best with our Recycle Application System, that we own, and we know how to  run it, and support it.   Our understanding and knowledge of the Recycling process, and how our Recycle DB System total runs this process, and tracks everything in the process, this give ARU the ability to master the Recycle process, and to be able to serve the utility companies better than anyone else.

Summary of how ARU grew to be a high-quality Recycling company for the USA

In the past 17years our work has been working with the Recycling industry across the USA. We created with software development, a huge application system for the Recycling industry, and we did this for a small Recycling company, that had been in business for several years in the Seattle WA area.  They got a huge project from PGE Electric Utility Company in San Francisco County, and this company needed for us to setup a full DB System for them to handle this huge Recycling project.    In the next few years they grew very fast, because they were aggressive, and our Recycle Application was working very well for them and allowed them to grow, and they knew this helped them tremendously.   They grew to having 150 Electric Utilities across the nation, and they were doing huge revenue a year

Highlights of how ARU grew to being a Recycle expert, & created the DB System

        We created the best Recycling Application DB System in the USA after our first few years of working in this industry.  Many Recycling company staff employees told us.this.

        We created a database system that the recycling company staff employees totally dependent on our system to track all their task done, and to mark as done.

        In doing this work we learned how the entire recycling database system works and we learned how the entire recycling company worked, because we tracked everything on our system

        We grew to the point of knowing how the whole DB system works for the recycling and we understood it very well, even better than our clients understood.

        At this point we knew then we could become a recycling company and do an even better job than our past clients had done because we understand the system so well and now our staff we have all of the people that work on the database system and we have our business staff