Who is the ARU company, and what is our main purpose

ARU Main Service to bring to the Utility company

Our main service and goal is to bring an excellent process, to handle all Recycling Tasks for our Utility clients by using our Recycling Application DB System, and providing all of the other service needs for our clients.  These include having a driver company hired to do the driving to pickup the Units at the electric customers homes, and then hiring the Recycler/Destruction company to get units all recycled, and disposed of.  Other Recycle tasks may be for handling all Rebate incentive payments to the customers, and providing the call center to handle the orders from the electric customers.

Description of ARU Business

The Appliance Recycling USA (ARU) business is setup well and  organized throughout the company. We have our DB Server system very organized and running well for  our ARU and for our Utility clients. In doing this work we learned how the entire recycling database system works and we learned how the entire recycling company worked, because we tracked everything on our system.  As a recycling company we know that we can do a better job that all others because we understand the system so well and now our staff includes our DB System experts and our business experts

Who manages the Appliance Recycling USA LLC company

Joyce Treat                   CEO    Oversees Utility client service operations,  overall  accounting, AP bill payments, and AR client collections

Mike Treat                     COO    Oversees service tasks for the Utilities, and oversees DB System that is used by our staff and used by the Utility staff.

Doug Armstrong           CFO     Runs the Accounting system, and handles all AP bill payments, and AR client collections.     Also handles all Marketing for  ARU